How to become a Member?

The association consists of full and supporting members. Regular member of the Association may be any natural or legal person, who bears to achieve the objectives and purposes of the association. The admission of regular members will be determined upon a written application by the Management Board. One may be appeal against a negative decision within a period of one month from receipt of the written rejection of appeal at the next Annual General Meeting. This decision is final.

If you want to join the German Technologies Center Association, please send the application form offered here completed and signed to our office:

German Technologies Center e.V.
Lützowstrasse 33-36, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Associated member of the association may be any natural or legal persons, companies and institutions as well as unincorporated associations and other organizations which promote a lsting interest on the objectives and activities of the association. To our esteemed international audience we offer three choices of exclusive membership. Each choice reflects different potential service demands depending on individual company goals in the German market.
The German Technologies Center e.V. is looking forward to welcome you as exclusive member and offers excellent services for your company´s sustained business success in Germany. Requirement is an application for membership, then the Management Board will convey the final decision on the admission as exclusive member. For more information on Exclusive Membership, please contact our Administration Office.

An honorary membership may be awarded to all these members as well as those natural and legal persons who have distinguished themselves by great achievements and a long affiliation. The honorary chairmanship may be awarded to members who have earned merits in a special way through their selfless dedication and commitment to the association. Honorary members and honorary chairman, who are not regular members at the same time, participate without vote in the meetings. The honorary membership or honorary chairmanship may only be awarded to living person. It expires with the death of the honorary member or the honorary chairman.

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