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Dirk Wiese

Attorney and Tax Counselor

Fields of Competence
Comprehensive legal and tax advice



Studies of Law in Berlin
Licensed attorney since 1992
Appointment as Tax Counselor in 1994
Practice Areas: Tax, Tax Law, Business Law, Corporate Law, Construction Law

Consulting Services

Legal Consulting for Start-ups and Enterprises (Corporate law, Commercial law, Employment law, Contract law, International civil law)
Tax Consulting for Start-ups and Enterprises (Tax legal form, Basic principles of corporate taxation, Taxation of business owners, Value Added Tax, also cross-border)
Basic Business Consulting in Germany (Company forecasts, Controlling, Dealing with banks, Market analyzes on request)
Trademark and Copyright Law, Patent Law (National search, Main features of an application and the respective protective effects, European level on request) 

Primal disclosure in specific legal issues
Primal disclosure in specific tax issues
Acquisition of automated dunning procedures (judicial or extrajudicial) with a low additional fee
Review of potential contractors in terms of economic and legal key data
Basics of Immigration law (Residence permits, Work permits, Naturalization)
Supervision of all official matters (Commercial licenses, Building permits, etc.)

More about the areas of expertise
Safety-related Systems
Innovation- and Technology Transfer

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