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AROSOFT network GmbH

Branch of Trade: IT Infrastructure security


AROSOFT-techAROSOFT network GmbH offers security solutions for IT infrastructures since 1998. The company has developed a product which eliminates system attacks and make it very easy to install, modify or observe computer systems. The customers of AROSOFT use the software Open Management Architecture (OMA) to build a Secure System Management Cloud (SSM-Cloud). This cloud has enough power to setup each IT infrastructure in some hours. You can enlarge the cloud at any time with furter OMA server systems. Only two central systems on different very secure locations holds all data. The SSM-Cloud is always in the hand of the customer.
AROSOFT has realized a lot of ambitious projects with this product design

  • Install 1000 cash machines in one hour (Bank)
  • Install 200 system and 400 virtual machines in one hour each friday (University)
  • Install server systems on restricted areas remotely in 30 minutes (Airport)
  • Install 10.000 notebooks in front of the users in one hour (Insurance)
  • and many more ...

Every data transfer from the SSM-Cloud to the client computers is always encrypted. A special feature of the actual version of OMA is the use of a SSM-Stick. This USB device works for all systems and allows the user to install touchpads, notebook and other systems without any interaction. The process needs not language and has no user interface. Some simple steps do the job:

  1. Connect SSM-Stick and computer
  2. Turn on the computer
  3. Wait until the SSM-Stick shut down the system
  4. Disconnect the SSM-Stick
  5. Turn on the computer an work

All in all you can have any kind of damage on your systems, the SSM-Cloud is able to bring back your systems suddenly.


AROSOFT offers a lot of services around the use of an SSM-Cloud

- Analyse IT infrastructure
- Plan mass roll-out
- System switches (e.g. Windows XP to Win7 or Win8)
- Software package building
- Qualify partners


Project partners and customers, which have large IT infrastructures and which want to improve their security with an own SSM-Cloud.


Contact Details

AROSOFT network GmbH
Ruhlsdorfer Str. 30
D-12623 Berlin, Germany
Phone:    +49 30 56 70 17 43
Mobile:    +49 172 32 14 484
Fax:    +49 30 56 70 17 44

Contact Person:
Andreas Roscher (Managing Director)

E Mail: info(at)

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