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Branch of Trade: IT Infrastructure security


TELCOTECH-techSince 1993 TELCO TECH GmbH develops IT security solutions at the headquarters in Teltow and Berlin. As one of the few independent German producer of high-end security systems, the company offers brand name LiSS (LAN Internet Support Station) modern, technologically advanced security appliances that cover the entire field of network security and are characterized by performance, multi-functionality and user-friendly operation.

LiSS series Security systems

LiSS appliances combine essential security functions on a single device.
Sensitive corporate networks are protected from viruses, hackers, unwanted emails and web content optimally.

  • Multi-level firewall
  • Stateful inspection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Virus scanner
  • VPN router
  • SPAM- and web content filtering
  • Https filter

TELCO TECH is your partner to provide you optimal security solutions, and also support and advice you via our services effectively and predictively.


- IT security projects for hedging and for logging
- Analysis of the internal and external traffic (Internet/Intranet)
- IT compliance projects in the banking and insurance sector
- Secure (VPN) connections from branch offices to the corporate headquarters
- SIEM projects (Security Information and Event Management)
- Safe school / Safe universities projects
- Projects for the protection of the IT infrastructure in general
- Projects in grid and plant protection for the industry (eg the nuclear industry)


- Market access to customers in the areas mentioned above
- Knowledge in the IT security market
- Contact partner: Executives (CEO, CFO, CTO) and enterprises with a number of employees greater than 50
- Presence at different locations in China, for example Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen etc.


Contact Details

Maedewalder Weg 2
D-12621 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 56 58 62 610
Fax:    +49 56 58 62 619

Contact Person:
Bernd Schulz (CEO)

E Mail: info(at)

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